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Successfully passed 10 of 15 best practices tested

The results given by this tool are for educational and diagnostic purpose only, it is not intended to compare websites.
This tool is in beta version and still in active development, all given informations may change in the future.

Design best practices: 100% (2 out of 2)

Development best practices: 50% (4 out of 8)

  • #7Externalize CSS files and JavaScript

  • #10Minimize the number of CSS files and compress them

  • #16Provide a print style sheet

  • #19Use standard typefaces

  • #23Delete image tags with empty SRC attributes

  • #35Check JavaScript code

  • #93Resize images outside of the browser

  • #170Keep the number of domains serving resources to a minimum

Hosting best practices: 80% (4 out of 5)